EC cofinancing rates vary from 50% to 75% or more.  TSC-Europe can provide you with the best chance of success.

The right programme

Funding opportunities are constantly being published; TSC-Europe can track these for your organisation, and help evaluate their relevance to your needs. 

The right idea 

Your successful bid will creatively match your organisation’s priorities with those of the European Commission; Tim Cordy has an unrivalled track-record in creating exciting projects that exceed expectations. 

The right consortium

TSC-Europe can help your organisation to find inspiring and reliable partners that will help to make your project a success.

The right design

golden rule 4 “It’s the project, stupid”.  With years of experience in successful project management, Tim Cordy can design your bid so that it will turn into a realistic and successful project AND get a good evaluation score. 

The right paperwork

golden rule 6 “Answer the questions, all of them”.  Never underestimate the time required to prepare a bid, nor the skills (they include technical innovation, multi-cultural communication, budgeting, paperwork); TSC-Europe can provide the staff to do the work properly.

The bottom line A typical 3 year project might have a total budget of €2m; shared between 6 partners.  Cofunded at 75% that’s a total EC grant of c€1.5m, or €250k each.  To prepare a full bid, from concept to submission, TSC-Europe would typically charge for 30/40 days: that’s 1.5-2% of the grant-income, for a 75% chance of getting the funding.