There are risks in obtaining European funding; but every year hundreds of projects are successfully completed.  TSC-Europe can guide you to success by helping you to consider our eight golden rules, which take you from the strategic to the detailed. 

Here’s where we can help:

Your organisation’s European portfolio.  Projects are more successful when they are one part of a portfolio, which also includes professional and political networking, public relations and lobbying. 

With years of experience in project design, TSC-Europe can guide you towards robust project design, canny partner selection, sensible budgeting – and therefore maximum evaluation points.  And if your idea is rubbish, we’ll tell you, and help to make it better.

We can support you on bid preparation.  We can do it for you, or give you guidance so you can do it yourself.  Typically we estimate you’ll need 30/40 days of full-time effort.

We can guide you on project management to ensure success.  We offer support on proactive management, working with an international consortium, accountability and reporting to the funder, improved staff skills, even the importance of good record-keeping.  We can do it for you, or help you set up your own systems.

TSC-Europe can help minimise your risks, and maximise your success on the ground