Tim Cordy's clients and what they say


Helmut Lusser

Global to Local Ltd

G2L is a climate change and sustainability consultancy, working with public authorities to raise their game; Tim Cordy worked at G2L for over 10 years, developing the company’s European work.



Thanks for your contribution during 10 years with Global to Local; your work has been consistently of the highest quality, and you have helped us to challenge and support our clients as they seek leading edge ways to do things better.  We wish you well in your new venture and look forward to future collaborations




Mark Frost

London Borough of Hounslow

Hounslow is the Lead Partner for the SEGMENT project.  Working for Global to Local Ltd, Tim Cordy prepared the bid and is now employed as Project Secretariat.  He also led the preparation of a huge CIVITAS+ bid in 2008.



During the bid-preparation Global to Local impressed by being flexible and often going ‘the extra mile’, in particular ensuring that the SEGMENT project consortium was secured and the finance model robust.  Global to Local also added considerably to the coherence of the proposed project, illustrating their ability to add value to project ideas, not just complete the ‘paperwork’.  Following competitive tender, Tim has also led on the provision of a secretariat service for SEGMENT and has managed to take a considerable amount of the pain of running EU funded projects of this client’s shoulders.  Tim, It's a pleasure doing business with you...



Jim McGeever

London European Partnership for Transport 

With Global to Local, Tim Cordy  prepared 10 bids and managed 4 projects for Jim’s predecessor.  During the interim period before Jim started in Jun-09, Tim ‘led from the front’ as Secretariat for two projects, and supported the staff.



I have known and worked closely with Tim for some four years or so, including the last 18 months at LEPT. What Tim brings to any project is an impressive range of inter-personal skills and professional experience. This means that, for example, a project such as PIMMS TRANSFER project (one that Tim designed) can successfully link together regional partners from 14 very different member states.

Tim adds an additional dimension to any project he works on; he will design, plan, manage and deliver a project, and his methods of doing so will inextricably mean that project partners build their own capacity throughout the project lifespan. He has proved excellent at understanding the different (and sometimes difficult) nuances that come with working across a variety of European countries and cultures.

Nadya Nikolova

Sofia City Council BG

Sofia has been a partner in 3 bids/projects that Tim Cordy has prepared/managed for other clients




In my role as a Director of EU projects and programmes Department at Sofia Municipality I have had the pleasure of working with Tim as a partner on 3 INTERREG projects. I am always impressed by his high level of expertise and the first-rate services he can provide, by his commitment to find the best solution and to trouble-shoot situations with humour and easiness. His openness and honest character greatly contribute to build trusting partnerships and that is why I look forward to continuing our good cooperation in the future.


Marie-Luce Saillard

Albea Transenergy ES

Albea is an independent consultancy which works with businesses and public authorities to prepare strategies and actions for sustainable development with whom Tim Cordy has worked for 8 years, on bids under the Intelligent Energy for Europe, FP7, Interreg and Marco Polo programmes.



Nous avons collaboré avec Tim dans le cadre du montage de nombreux projets européens et chaque expérience est enrichissante. Tim est une personne rigoureuse et qui dispose d'une connaissance précise de tous les éléments nécessaires à considérer lors de cet exercice périlleux qu'est la rédaction d'une proposition technique et économique. De plus il a un réseau important de contacts fidèles dans de nombreux pays d'Europe.  En outre, sa connaissance des domaines traités permet une compréhension facile des problématiques et de la recherche de solutions. Enfin Tim est un expert en matière de gestion de projets européens et dispose d'une aisance naturelle pour la gestion des différents membres d'un consortium et notamment pour exiger de chacun d'eux qu'ils fassent leur devoir dans les temps mais à la fois qu'ils restent totalement motivés par le projet dans lequel ils sont impliqués.


Johannes Theissen

traffiQ , the Public Transport Authority for Frankfurt DE

TraffiQ has been a partner in 3 bids and 2 projects that Tim Cordy has prepared and managed for other clients.  It is the Lead Partner for the PIMMS CAPITAL project; Tim prepared the bid (via Global to Local) and is now employed as Project Secretariat



We have had a very good cooperation in all projects and are willing to employ Tim Cordy for other new projects.